What is "Dia De Los Muertos" about?

September 21, 2017



"Dia de Los Muertos", or more commonly known as Day of the Dead in the United States, is celebrated between October 31st and November 2nd. This once misunderstood tradition has crossed over into United States culture. It is celebrated by putting on festivals that showcase the original traditions of the people of Latin America.  This holiday merges themes and rituals from indigenous groups of Latin America and Roman Catholicism.These traditions include intricate sugar skull face painting and the construction of artistic altars honoring the dead. It is also acknowledged globally in other regions, specifically in South America.


Each Latin American country has their own unique take on it. In Venezuela people take their time to reconstruct and nurture grave sites of deceased family members. Nicaraguans typically will camp out in mausoleums for the entirety of the holiday to feel closer to dead relatives. Unlike Mexico and Ecuador, in Peru and Colombia the approach to the holiday is more romantic and solemn and big celebrations are not common. They focus more on bringing items the departed enjoyed during their time on Earth like flowers, books, and candy. The significance of this holiday is not just based on the colorful craneos de azucar, sugar skulls, but on tradition of family and friends gathering to remember and pray for loved ones who have passed.


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